TestKit Documentation


The concepts in TestKit are derived directly from JUnit. The TestKit equivalent of JUnit's TestCase is TWTestCase. See the API documentation for details.
Test Case
The xUnit family of testing frameworks revolve around the concept of a Unit Test or Programmer Test. A Programmer Test is simply code that aids a developer in testing. Usually ( but certainly not always ), this takes the form of a piece of code which checks the behavior of other code.
Test Suite
A Test Suite is an organizational tool. A set of Test Cases grouped in a way that is meaningful to the developer. It's so common to group test cases by the fixture in which they belong that TWTestSuite provides facilities to do just that.
A Fixture makes it much easier to run several tests against an object with a predefined state.
Test Bundle
A Test Bundle is an OS X Bundle composed of compiled Test Cases, and any resources those test cases are dependent on. A Test Bundle can be opened and executed by the TestRunner TestKit tool, or the command line tool TestRunnerHelper.
Tools for running tests
Tips for writing, running, and debugging your unit tests
Test Driven Development
The value of testing is increased when you implement the practice of Test Driven Development.
Continuous Integration
Take testing to the extreme - try this development practice and say goodbye to integration bugs.