TestKit Documentation

Running tests

TestKit comes with two separate tools for running tests. TestRunner is the GUI tool, and was installed at /Applications/TestRunner. TestRunnerHelper is the command line version, and was installed at /Applications/TestRunner/
TestRunner Test Result screen shot TestRunner Test Hierarchy screen shot

TestRunner has a relatively simple interface. Select File->Load Tests... to load your test bundle. Click Run to execute it.

The Test Results tab has two panels in it. The top panel shows any test that has completed with a status of error or failure. Selecting that test will show details about the failure/error in the bottom pane.

The Hierarchy tab shows all tests contained in the test bundle's suite. The check boxes to the left of each test indicate whether or not the test is enabled. An enabled test will be run the next time the Run button is clicked. A disabled test will not.

The stdOut and stdErr panes display stdout and stderr, respectively.

TestRunnerHelper screen shot

TestRunnerHelper can be used to run tests from shell scripts. It is also used by TestRunner. Execute TestRunnerHelper with no arguments for help.