TestKit Documentation


TestKit 0.9.4 is available. More information can be found in the Release Notes. The biggest feature addition to this release is a mock objects api. Download it today!

A new Tips page has been added to the User Documentation, and to the navigation bar above.

The next month will be a cooling period for TestKit - no big enhancements will be done in preparation for its 1.0 release. Visit the Forums for discussion, feedback, and feature requests. Bug reports can be submitted here, and of course, e-mail is always welcome.


TestKit is an adaptation of JUnit for Objective-C and the Mac OS X development environment. TestKit shares much of the functionality of JUnit, and it adds functionality to help programmers with the problems and challenges unique to Objective-C.

If you're unfamiliar with Test First Development, look here for more information. To jump right in, check out the Quick start guide, or the API documentation, the Tools, and start testing!

Tim Hart